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Warren Law Firm recognizes and respects that our clients are seeking a timely and rewarding conclusion to their legal concerns. To that end, we will explore and aggressively pursue the most viable options available. We view the issues involved from the perspective of those we serve. We will also rely upon the wisdom and practical experience of our clients as a valuable resource.

Experience has given us the insight necessary to assess the potential costs and risks relative to the benefits of pursuing one course of action over another. Together, as a team, we will work for you to get your issues favorably resolved. Warren Law Firm prides itself on enabling our clients to be part of the process, culminating in effective resolution, every step of the way.

An important goal of Warren Law Firm is meaningful communication. We will speak with you, not to you. No question of yours is unimportant, and no concern of yours will be ignored. Our team approach to solving problems fosters innovative legal thinking, as well as a strong commitment to getting the job done well. You will not only understand what we have done, but why we have done it.


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The material and articles included on this website are being made available as general information only.  None are provided in the course of any attorney-client relationship, and none are intended to constitute legal advice.  Remember that every legal matter is different.  You should personally consult with a lawyer regarding your specific legal situation.  Certain links on this website lead to other websites not affiliated with Warren Law Firm.  Our website does not incorporate by reference any material appearing on such linked sites, and we neither endorse nor sponsor those materials or viewpoints.  Of the attorneys listed on this website, only William S. Warren, who is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.